Yes I also paint upon order. Most common are portraits. But it could also be a house, pet, still life etc.

Below I try to answer some questions you might have when it comes to the process of commissioning a painting or drawing from me. Of course you are always free to contact me with any questions you might have.

How does it work practically?

Portraits in progress in my studio

Portraits are made in oil on canvas using traditional techniques. Once the overall concept for a portrait has been established, a meeting is arranged on site or in my studio. The subject’s accessibility and proximity often determine how a painting is created – entirely from life, partly from life or entirely from photographs.

A portrait session is normally three hours (with breaks) and the number of sessions required depends on the size and complexity of the painting. Small children are usually well suited for painting from photographs. Prefer to take the photos myself but that is not a requirement.

For bigger projects I first paint a smaller study, that will be shown to the customer, before proceeding onto the final painting.

The portrait process, from the first meeting to the delivery of the finished painting, can take up to six months.

How much does it cost?

Since all portrait commissions are different I do not maintain a fixed price list. Properties that affect the price are of course the size of the painting/drawing, but also if it is done at other location than my studio. After discussing the project I will provide you with a quote.

Do not be afraid to ask me for an estimate. Asking is free 😀.